Friday, September 28, 2012

Baby Frame Before and After

I finally got around to filling up this great frame that Nana got for Sam.  I got all of the pictures figured out and put in the frame and loved the way it looked!  But, when I went to put it on the white wall in the hallway the whole thing just sort of disappeared into the wall.  So, it was spray paint to the rescue!!  :)


I took the frame into the backyard, and after a few coats of Metallic Charcoal RustOleum, and it had the right "pop" to stand out in the hallway!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Super Cute Card

I have been working with one of my "stashed" kits as part of the "Kit-tastic" class over at Big Picture classes and used some of my scraps from Cocoa Daisy's "A Winter's Eve" kit from November 2008 to create this cute card.  :)

Using this kit has really started getting me out of the rut that I have been in for a while.  I can't wait to start getting the layouts rolling!  :)

Just a little introduction!

Hello!  I have decided that in addition to the family blog, I want a little place of my own where I can post about my current projects that I am working on.  As anyone that knows me knows, I am always working on something!!  This may be scrapbook, sewing, or home decor related, but this will be the place for it to be seen!  :)  Welcome and I hope you enjoy!