Monday, February 4, 2013

Project Life - Week 4

So far, I seem to be running about a week behind, and I am fine with that!  :)  This week was just me and Sam, so we tried our best to stay busy!  :)  I just have a two-page layout for this week (no inserts) because the only things that we did that I took several pictures for was the zoo and the park (which we do all of the time!)  :)

Both sides of the layout.  I have changed my approach this year to make each week look a little more cohesive that I have in years past.  Project Life has become my main type of memory keeping for my family, so want it to look like I took some time with it.  :)  I still do traditional layouts a couple of times a month, but with a very busy 2 year old, I just don't have the time that I use to have. 

Left side with a picture of the Moon and Jupiter, some pictures of Sam from the park and zoo, us on the train at the zoo, and a great picture from a new weather app I have called Instaweather.  I can see that it is going to make an appearance in this year's PL quite a bit.  If you don't have this app, it's really great because you take a picture with your phone and it layers the weather on top of it.  There are a lot of different options of what the weather "report" can look like on top of your picture.

Right  side of the spread 

Here is the right side of the spread.  I finished my Defensive Driving class online, so that was a big accomplishment for the week.  Sam decided to take a straw with him into the tub to blow bubbles and I finally caught his "Moo" on camera.  I LOVE the way his little lips pucker up when he does it.  :)

I am also trying to do the "Currently" cards a couple of times a month.  For me, doing it weekly is just not feasible... honestly, I just don't want to have to make room for it in my PL that often.

Off to get ready for the rest of my day!  I am heading to the school and then we may head to a park, or IKEA depending on the weather!
I hope you guys enjoy your day!

Until next time!

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